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The First Two Steps

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The First Two Steps – Required information for a small price

Building a new theatre or converting a vacant building to a theatre requires considerable capital investment that can range from several million to as much as ten million dollars. Investors or banks require a lot of personal and business information, especially a professional analysis of the POTENTIAL income and expenses for what you propose.



Your first step is to provide us with information about you. We will need to know your name, mailing address, email address, phone number(s) and answers to these basic questions. What is your primary business? Where do you plan to locate your theatre? (Be sure to include the ZIP code for your intended location.) Tell us why you want to go into the movie theatre business.
You can respond by phone or email. If responding by email, be sure to include the information necessary, and use “New Theatre” in the subject line.

We will respond based on the information you provide in this initial contact, and let you know if we should make a preliminary analysis before proceeding further.


We don’t want you to waste your money or our time on a project that is unlikely to succeed.

If it appears that your situation warrants further study, we require a non-refundable payment to complete the second step. (You can make this payment by providing your VISA or MasterCard information by phone.)

The preliminary study will include basic information about your market area. We will analyze demographics, area theatres and grosses, and make a judgment regarding whether or not your project should proceed further based on our findings.

If we find that your project may succeed, we will advise you accordingly and proceed to the next step---
the feasibility analysis.

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